Visa for IndiaTo visit India you will need a visa. The easiest way is to obtain an e-Tourist Visa (also called e-Visa or visa on arrival). You can make your request online in advance via this website

Weather in RajasthanWondering when to visit Rajasthan? The high tourist season in Rajasthan generally ranges from September to March. As is often the case, it is also because these are generally the most favorable months for visits to India.

Vaccination for Travel to IndiaNo vaccination is required to travel to India (unless you have previously traveled to countries at risk). However, we suggest that you keep your vaccines up-to-date:

Distributor-ticket-indiaIn India all payments are made in Indian rupees (INR). It is unfortunately not possible to pay in Euros or US dollars. You will therefore need to have Indian rupees with you during your trip to India. There are three possibilities for this.

Traveling with Drivers-IndiaYou're certainly wondering how a trip to India with Drivers-Tours is. And you are right !

Our goal is that you come back from India with plenty of amazing memories that you will keep for a long time.

Top things to seeIf you are preparing your trip to India, you are definitely wondering what sites to visit. Indeed, unless you have the opportunity to travel to India for several months (or even several years), you have to make choices.

Ticket_d'entree_sites_voyage_en_IndeUnlike other countries, tickets to the different sites in India are not very expensive in India. To visit the small Hindu temples, you will usually pay around 50 Indian rupees,

What to eat in IndiaIndia offers an incredible culinary diversity, but also some pitfalls to avoid if you do not want to spend your trip to ask for the closest sanitary facilities.

Indian Cooking ClassesIndian gastronomy and especially that from Northern India is an important part of the culture of the country. The various communities (Hindus, Punjabis, Muslims, etc.) that blend harmoniously in India have created an incredible variety of dishes and flavors.

Airport scam Delhi IndiaAs in many developing countries, India, unfortunately, also has its share of scams. And in India this can unfortunately begin as soon as you arrive at the airport. If you choose to make your trip to India with one of our drivers,