Indian Cooking ClassesIndian gastronomy and especially that from Northern India is an important part of the culture of the country. The various communities (Hindus, Punjabis, Muslims, etc.) that blend harmoniously in India have created an incredible variety of dishes and flavors.

Between veg or non-veg dishes (vegetarian or meat-based), dishes in sauce or those cooked in Tandoor, India offers flavors that will make your taste buds thrill. If you wish, Drivers-Tours will offer you to embellish your journey in India with a cooking class to become seasoned with the local dishes and its spices.

We offer two courses of Indian cooking: a course with one of the best culinary academies of India, the 'Saffron Palate'. This Indian cooking class is taught by Neha Gupta in Delhi (more information on her website It will be a refined experience in a quality environment.
If you want a more authentic Indian cooking class, we will take you to the Spice Paradise in Jodhpur ( Here you will learn the secrets of traditional Indian cuisine and its thousand spices. A truly authentic experience.