Ticket_d'entree_sites_voyage_en_IndeUnlike other countries, tickets to the different sites in India are not very expensive in India. To visit the small Hindu temples, you will usually pay around 50 Indian rupees,

(Less than a dollar) - and of course there are also temples with free access in India. For the medium-sized palaces of Rajasthan (such as the city palaces of Jaipur or Bundi), the entrance ticket will generally be 100 rupees per person. One of the highlights of your trip to India will of course be the discovery of the Rajasthan forts, often built under the Mughal empire. The forts of Mehrangarh in Jodhpur is one of the most impressive and also the most expensive. The ticket price is 600 rupees (about 9 US dollars / 8 Euros). One of the highlights of your trip to India will of course be the visit of the Taj Mahal to Agra. This will also be the Indian site for which you will pay the most. The entrance ticket costs 1000 rupees. Don't be surprised if you see the Indians pay less than you for their ticket. There are different rates for locals and foreign tourists. This will be one of many surprises during your trip to India. On average, you can plan a budget of 1000 rupees per day per person for your tickets. If you make your tour with an Indian driver,He will always be there to help you with the purchase of the tickets.