What to eat in IndiaIndia offers an incredible culinary diversity, but also some pitfalls to avoid if you do not want to spend your trip to ask for the closest sanitary facilities.


Restaurants in India are divided into two categories: Veg (for vegetarians) and Non-Veg (for those who also serve meat). Given the very high proportion of vegetarians among the locals, you will encounter a vast majority of Veg restaurants during your trip to India. Of course, your Indian driver will be happy to advise you on Non-Veg restaurants and take you there by car.

You can totally trust the restaurants that your Indian driver will suggest you, as well as the kitchens of the hotels we have selected for your trip to India. You will discover a rich and diversified Indian cuisine.

Our advice will be to avoid food sold directly on the street, unless you have a very solid stomach. In any case you can ask your Indian driver for advice.

Finally, with regard to water, avoid at all costs drinking tab water. Always ask for and buy bottled water. Water in India is inexpensive (a few hundred rupees) and this will spare you many annoyances. Also note that throughout your journey by car, your Indian driver will have free bottled water at your disposal.