Weather in RajasthanWondering when to visit Rajasthan? The high tourist season in Rajasthan generally ranges from September to March. As is often the case, it is also because these are generally the most favorable months for visits to India.

The temperatures at this time in Rajasthan are pleasant and vary from 35 degrees (in September and March) to 23 degrees (in January). At night, temperatures can drop to 10 degrees (in January). It is therefore advisable to bring some warm clothes for outdoor evenings or night tours. The warmest months in Northern India are May and June, during which temperatures can exceed 40 degrees or even more than 45 degrees in Jaisalmer (in the Thar Desert). In terms of rainfalls, they mainly occur during two months in Rajasthan: July and August. Like everywhere with the monsoon, the rainfalls in Rajasthan are sudden and intense, but short lasting.

Weather in Rajasthan