Airport scam Delhi IndiaAs in many developing countries, India, unfortunately, also has its share of scams. And in India this can unfortunately begin as soon as you arrive at the airport. If you choose to make your trip to India with one of our drivers,

he will wait for you on arrival at the airport (whether in New Delhi or elsewhere in India). And in that case, you don't have to fear anything. Your driver will usually welcome you with a name sign, at the area reserved for families.

However, be aware that scams at the airport (in Delhi or elsewhere) are common in India. One of the most widespread is to question the tourist as soon as he arrives at the airport in India and to pretend to be an Indian tourist police officer. The so-called agent will alert you about exceptional events taking place in town. Typically a demonstration, a protest or a great procession. Great reasons why you can not get to the scheduled location of your trip to India. The fake agent will then bring you back to an Indian travel agency that will offer you a plan completely different from yours. Do not get ripped off as soon as you arrive in India, and continue your journey as you had planned. The best way to avoid this misadventure is to arrange a pick-up with us at the airport.