When to visit CambodiaThe high season to visit Cambodia ranges from end of November to March. But according to where you travel inside Cambodia, the best period will vary

November to March: this is the best period to travel to Cambodia. The rainy season has just stopped, which makes it perfect to visit any part of the country. Temperatures will slowly decrease from 33 degrees celsius to reach 25 degrees in December and January, and will then slowly raise again. This is also the perfect time to visit Cambodia if you wish enjoy the beaches of the southern coast.

April: this is the hottest month of the year in Cambodia with nearly 40 degrees celsius. If you wish to travel to the beach, you will have to be very cautious with the sun. Also for your visits of the Angkor temples, the sun might be quite heavy. However, if you travel to the mountain provinces of Mundulkiri and Ratanakiri, you will enjoy a much fresher air and also have the benefits of the dry season.

May to October: this is the rainy season in Cambodia, which means there will be a short (less than an hour) and heavy rainfall almost everyday (and usually at the same time). The rest of the day is mainly sunny in the inland, what means you can enjoy the sightseeing. The costal area may be more windy and rainy, that is why it is not the best period for a beach stay.

Average min and max temperatures in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Average rainfall in Phnom Penh, Cambodia